SMART TRAVEL 2021: A hybrid intelligence “festival” in Famalicão

The program for this year’s edition of Smart Travel, the oldest event in Portugal dedicated to smart cities, is practically closed and will take place in the city of Famalicão from December 2nd to 4th.

The hybrid model chosen for 2021 will make it possible to attend in-person presentations by international speakers such as Carles Augusti I Hernandez, Pedro Neves, Margarida Campolargo, among others, and also the remote participation of Rhonda Binda, Barry Rogers, Xabier Arruza, Huang Cui, Carolina Tkachuk, Pablo Bustamante, Gutinho Bernardes, Aleksander Orlowski, Solange Arredondo, and many others who will brighten the event with diverse content focused on topics like smart cities, smart tourism, sustainability, innovation, technologies, leadership and governance, digital transition, arts, etc.

In addition to the speakers, the event will feature two thematic panels. The first, on December 2nd, entitled “Food 4 Thoughts: Sustainable Future with Local and Natural Products” will address topics related to gastronomy, local products, culture and ancestry, ecotourism, innovation, and creativity. presence of the founder of the Portuguese National Street Food Association, Luis Rato; the Michelin Chef, Óscar Geadas; the Ecotourism expert, João Ministro and the olive oil and olive products expert, Helena Ferreira. The panel will be chaired by the journalist Luís Costa Branco.

The second roundtable takes place on December 3rd and will be dedicated to new technologies with the presence of specialists in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, digital marketing, Command and Control Centers, Digital Twins, etc. Participating in this panel are Sara Elloy, Luís Bravo Martins, João Monsanto, and Hugo Pinto.

Over the three days, cases from cities such as Oeiras, Bragança, Vizela and Amarante will also be presented, in addition to the international ones already mentioned (Bilbao, Hainan, New York, Dublin, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Areal, etc.).


“Famalicão B Smart” highlighted


And, since Famalicão is the host city, naturally, all the initiatives undertaken by this municipality in the areas of urban intelligence and smart cities could not be missing.

Famalicão has been investing heavily in the development of its Smart City platform “Famalicão B Smart”.

Since 2019, the city has been working on aggregating information, with priority given to the municipality’s internal management indicators, which “later also end up being external,” explained Vítor Moreira, the project’s head. This is a work that reaches “everyone within the municipality”, in a transversal approach, he says, clarifying that the municipality’s intention to become a smart city involves working “horizontally” and not focusing only on certain verticals.

Becoming the host city of one of the most important international events of smart cities and smart tourism in 2021 will be another impulse to place Famalicão on the radar of good examples of urban intelligence policies, with sustainable development strategies for the future.

Smart Travel will have two stages in the city of Famalicão: the Casa das Artes (small auditorium) and the Casa de Camilo, a restored house museum dedicated to the Portuguese writer.

Check the Program at and register for free for the event, which will also be broadcast via the web.


Smart Travel, Intelligence is the destination!


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