Agenda 2021


Portugal Time (GMT)

09:45 Opening

10:30 Innovation policies and PPP projects on achieving the SDGs People-First is Vital! Pedro Neves

10:50 Coffee-Break

11:10 “Food 4 thoughts – Futuro Sustentável com Produtos Locais e Naturais”

13:00 Free Lunch

14:00 Bilbao: a journey from industrial decay to a global Smart City Xabier Arruza *

14:20 Dublin Smart DestinationBarry Rogers *

14:40 The smart bourogh of Queens (New York) Rhonda Binda *

15:00 City Partner

15:20 Leadership in new city models: Smart and Green Carles Augusti

15:40 Co-criação, criatividade e inovação digital – Contributos para o Branding territorial Margarida Campolargo

16:00 Brasil Inteligente

* Participação Online


Portugal Time (GMT)

10:00 Opening

10:10 Future of cities and citizens: adverse effects of pandemic, virtualities and metaverses Alexander Pichugin

10:30  “Tecnologia e as Utopias Virtuais”

12:15 Famalicão B Smart Vítor Moreira

12:45 City Partner


15:20 Curating (sm)art residencies, exhibitions, and festivals Ralph Overbeck *

15:40 Challenges and trends in the development of
Smart Cities in Poland Aleksander Orlowski *

16:00 Tourism 2.0: Fearless booking of local activities, one video at the time Louis Vignon *

16:20 Destinos + Inteligentes en la Era de la Gobernanza 4.0 Carolina Tkachuk *

16:40 The Romanian Smart Cities Gratian Mihailescu *

17:00 SmartCity & Turismo: Estratégias Conjuntas Solange Arredondo *

17:20 Digital Transformation- enVISION SMARTer futures for territories Ana Abade

17:40 Requalification of public spaces and tourism development: the case of Vizela – northern Portugal Jorge Coelho



Portugal Time (GMT)

10:00 Opening

10:10 Hainan-Smart Island, New Opportunities Huang Cui *

10:30 Public Art Karin F. Giusti *

10:50 Why Slow Travel and Wellness Travel Will Be The Most Important in 2022 and Beyond Rachel Zitin *

11:10 Partner

11:30 Attracting people, talent and business – The case of InvestAmarante, Portugal Tiago Ferreira

11:50 RURALMIND Pablo Bustamante *

12:10 Marketplace para produtos sustentáveis Hugo Almeida

12:30 Partner

14:00 Making cities fit for Green Deal Development Laura P. Spinadel & Bianca Severin *

14:20 Caldas da Rainha, Cosmopolitan city Mariana Calaça Batista

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