Bianca Severin – Multimedia Developer for BOA

Bianca Severin (1992, Romania) is a Multimedia Developer for BOA in Vienna and an expert in creating and programming interactive 3D tools. She has been teaching at the Vienna University of Technology, where she also studies architecture. Her focus is digital architecture: AI use for spatial organization, augmented architecture, dynamic simulation and visualization, parametric modeling and programming, as well as digital production methods.

Since 2017, Bianca has been working at the development of URBAN MENUS: a training, digital participation, consulting, and cooperation service, including a 3D software for participatory & impact-oriented urban planning, invented by Laura P. Spinadel. She was involved in applying this process in Austria, Ukraine, and Italy and presenting the results in the whole world. BOA is now conducting a market study in India, including the development of pilot cases, demonstrating that achieving sustainable and future-oriented urban design is possible and affordable.


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