Helena Ferreira – Managing Partner of Oliva & Co

Degree in Chemical Engineering and Postgraduate in Environmental Management is dedicated to Urban and Regional Planning with Citizen Participation, Climate Change, Energy and Environment and Sustainable Development since 1999.

She began her professional career in the area of waste management being co-responsible for the implementation of a recycling unit for aluminium cans. At the same time, she coordinates the editorial of a magazine in the area of the environment.

It is through the environment theme that her professional career is structured. In addition to the waste theme, she develops several projects in the areas of energy, air quality, climate change and carbon management, also urban planning. It evolves towards the issues of sustainable development, connecting the environment with the social, economic and territorial components. She has designed and implemented sustainability plans for more than 12 years for local and regional development in more than 50 municipalities in Portugal and Galicia, with around 100 participatory sessions that mobilized thousands of participants. With the aim of creating the conditions for sustainability plans to become a reality to local practices, it conceives and coordinates the implementation of the collective efficiency strategy and its action plan INOVARURAL – Innovating the Rural Economy, characterized by a strong participatory component, idealizes the Technological Village alongside the Low Carbon Communities and ECOTRACKS. It is within the scope of these works that Helena idealizes a commercial strategy for the high-quality Portuguese producers with low production but special characteristics, based on innovative stores where the sensorial experience prevails. And because the public sector takes too long to complete these projects, she decides to move forward with this component of the plans autonomously.

This is how Oliva & Co is born, dedicated solely to the olive trees row of products and was born in 2012 from the desire to show the best that is made in Portugal. Oliva & Co enable the clients to know the remarkable quality of extra virgin olive oils from North to South of the country, like all the trees derivatives, its longevity and as being the symbol of peace.

Apart from the marketing and distribution of products, Oliva & Co is a meeting point between consumers and producers in order to highlight and raise awareness of what is the best in Portugal, olive oils.


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