Luis Rato – Empreendedor e Fundador Associação Street Food Portugal

Luis Rato, born and raised in the Santarém area, has the blood of entrepreneurship in his veins. Linked to a career in sport for years, he radically changed his life at age 37 to devote himself to transforming horse vehicles and Street Food. He imagined, created and founded Verso Move and Food Trucks Factory and, in about 15 years, the projects he started from scratch are today market leaders – both nationally and internationally – and the brands are an indisputable reference. Along this path, Luis Rato created, together with Chef Chakall and José Boralho, the Street Food Portugal Association, which has a relevant role in a market with increasing expression and importance in the national economy. He is also co-author of the books “Street Food & Food Trucks” and “Vai Har Less Competition”. Thanks to his work and success, he is also invited to lectures and talks all over the country.


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